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Milestone Bonuses FDng53T
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Milestone Bonuses
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:01 pm

Repeatable Milestones

Adventure Milestone

• Complete 10 Voyages.

Reward: 35,000 experience, 500,000 beli

Crew Formation Milestone

• Be a part of a Crew composed of at least 3 PCs.

Reward: 1000 fame or infamy

Community Builder Milestone

• Recruit one person to the site and win a prize! The user should place a field in the normal character template, noting you as the referrer.

Reward: Reduce a character's requirement to level up in a Faction by 50 posts, once per character.

Island Developer Milestone

• Have one recruited person reach Z-rank.

Reward: Open an island or area on the site that's not currently available! A Custom Island! Maybe an Island from one of the One Piece Movies you've always wanted to go to! Your character will always have an extra topic slot for the island!
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