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Grand Voyage Guide FDng53T
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Grand Voyage Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 5:36 pm




Grand Voyages are custom voyages undertaken alone or with members, aligning with the forum's setting consistently. New elements not yet in the forum may not be allowed unless reviewed (e.g., royalty). A user cannot embark on a new Grand Voyage if one is ongoing. They offer greater rewards than other voyages.


Users gain these modifiers when completing Grand Voyages:

⚓ 20% beli increase.

⚓ 20% experience boost.

⚓ Extra 50% Statistic Points (rounded up).


With approval, Grand Voyages can explore the site's lore, like engaging with town lords, subject to:

⚓ NPCs might intervene in Grand Voyages based on the actions taken.

⚓ Grand Voyages can't involve vice-admirals or above, royalty, nobility, or canon materials without prior consent.

Grand Voyages can affect lore and basically anything on site that your character could. This includes mechanics, such as training a new mechanic that doesn't exist yet, as long as it's approved beforehand. Note that devil fruits can be considered to be untaken ones, green blood ones, lineage factor, or various plot conveniences.

⚓ Grand Voyages can be started for a target in the shop as long as the user has half of the price. For the rest of the price they'll be in debt up to 5,000,000B. (ex: starting a Grand Voyage to gain a 10,000,000B Devil Fruit while only having 5,000,000B). Grand Voyages can be invaded and have their content stolen, needing half the required beli to attempt such.

Only 1 Devil Fruit can be held from a Grand Voyage to feed to others or save for later. Feeding the Devil Fruit to another only gives them the passives of the Devil Fruit until the target pays the full beli price.

⚓ Voyages can also give World Positions. Voyages can be started reactionary to other's actions as an invade even at low rank.


To embark on a Grand Voyage, visit its section. Title your topic with the Grand Voyage's name, like 'Dead Man's Chest'. Use the template from the Grand Voyage forum's pinned post.

Initiate all voyages for the Grand Voyage simultaneously for moderator review. If there are multiple participants, one should post the Grand Voyage and list all involved. Users must match the rank of the voyages they're applying for.

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