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Plunder Cove FDng53T
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Plunder Cove
Sun Nov 19, 2023 5:23 pm


Plunder Cove GUIDE

Character Requirements:
☠ To participate in the Plunder Cove, players must have an approved character.
☠ Players can venture the Plunder Cove with all their sanctioned characters.

Starting the Game:
☠ Initiate a new topic in this forum titled: "Guest's Plunder Cove"
☠ The inaugural post should state: "I am Guest and this is my Plunder Cove"
☠ Use the "reply" button to proceed.

Game Mechanics:
☠ Opt for the Dice 100 and set the dice count to 6.
☠ Your post should include the Cove's name, the roll number (which restarts after each Cove), and a link to a voyage or fight you've accomplished.
☠ These voyages or fights have limited usage for rolls, contingent on their rank:
   - D-rank: 1 Roll
   - C-rank: 2 Rolls
   - B-rank: 3 Rolls
   - A-rank: 4 Rolls
   - S-rank: 5 Rolls

Rolling Restrictions:
☠ Players can submit a voyage or fight for rolls only once daily.
☠ For instance, having completed an S-rank allows for 5 rolls in one day. However, each roll should be in distinct posts like #4, #5 for ease of review.
☠ Always mention the Cove, roll number, and a voyage for clarity. E.g., "Villain's Cove, Roll #1."

Successful Rolls:
☠ A triumphant roll will display two posts: Yours, detailing the Cove and roll number, followed by an auto-generated forum post.
☠ Rolling six numbers surpassing the requisite minimum lets you claim your reward in another sticky thread in this forum.
☠ Subsequently, you roll for the subsequent cove, starting afresh with count #1.

Cove Rules:
☠ Cove are conquered in the sequence presented in the Cove Battles topic.
☠ Even with sufficient rolls for multiple Cove, only the current Cove is considered.
☠ Non-compliance with these guidelines will lead to a ban from the Plunder Cove.

Tip: You can use "Dice Roll" (WITH the quotation marks) if you wish to use the quick reply box.
[roll=Dice 100]6[/roll]
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