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Customizing Guide FDng53T
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Customizing Guide
Sun Nov 19, 2023 5:14 pm


Forum Customization Guide

In this forum, customize content as you wish. Note, we can't guarantee uniformity for all ideas and can't review every submission. Bumping posts is welcomed.

Devil Fruits
⚓ Custom devil fruits are crafted through Awakening. While most can be renamed and modified, you must first Awaken them. Awakening a fruit lets it match any in the shop but requires a beli payment.

Low power and/or one-dimensional devil fruits require extensive character development IC toward their theme to have them made available. In this case, Awakening the devil fruit is easier and the fruit can still have it's Awakening change the fruit entirely.

The Hobi Hobi and Ope Ope fruits are taken by NPC.

Review Process
⚓ We periodically review user creations.

Reward Criteria
⚓ Exceptional content earns extra rewards. GFX, relatable themed content (fandoms), progress bars, video, polls, cinematic descriptions at key points, synergy with items/lore/certain topics/certain characters are a few examples of commendable effort.

⚓ Send event outlines via PM at review time if to avoid spoilers. We currently accept non-Combat RP, prompt-based events. Keep NPC numbers manageable, randomize their names, and we will recycle accounts if needed. For widespread events, ensure an equivalent narrative weight. Multi-page events are appreciated.

Compensation Structure:
Customizing earns beli for approved content, ensuring quality over quantity. Here's the compensation structure:
☠ 25,000 beli for content topics fixed.
☠ 50,000 beli for event topics fixed.
☠ 100,000 beli for new voyages.
☠ 150,000 beli for new shop content.
☠ 200,000 beli for new events.

Faction :
Beli :
Rank :
Race :
Experience :
Reputation :
Occupation :
Devil Fruit :
Skillset :
Strength :
Speed :
Constitution :
Willpower :
Spirit :
Stamina :
Weapons :
Clothing :
Tools :
Lurking Legend :
Mascot :

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