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Sabaody Archipelago - Roots of Promotion FDng53T
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Name: Roots of Promotion

Summary: Amidst the sprawling and majestic mangrove forest of the Sabaody Archipelago, where the roots and branches of massive trees intertwine, a new tale unfolds. This natural wonder, the final island in Paradise nearing the Red Line, is home to a unique and diverse community, with each tree serving as an individual 'island,' providing shelter and sustenance to its inhabitants.

In the wake of recent developments, workers have returned from a challenging endeavor on Tequila Wolf's colossal bridge construction project. Now, faced with the task of promoting their accomplishment and the significance of this bridge's eventual completion, both Government and Pirate factions see an opportunity.

The Government's objective is to showcase the bridge as a symbol of progress and unity, emphasizing the benefits it brings to the world of commerce and connectivity. They aim to organize events and campaigns to advertise the bridge's workers, seeking to garner support and investment from various parties. Their goal is to demonstrate the positive impact of their work on Tequila Wolf's bridge on the global stage.

Contrastingly, the Pirate crews view the workers as a potential tool for their own ambitions. They intend to exploit the situation by advertising vulnerability to attacks and showcasing targets for plunder. Their objective is to create chaos and uncertainty, discouraging investments and causing disruptions in similar trade routes.

Rank: D-S
Words: 500-2,500
Basic Reward: Base Voyage Rewards
Requirements: The character accepting the voyage must be in South Sea.

Voyage Conditions:

  • Each member of every team must meet the minimum requirements of the difficulty that has been selected i.e. a D-Rank can only complete D-Rank versions of the voyage unless they are with a partner or group allowing them to complete a C-Rank voyage.

  • Should the user meet the requirements of a certain difficulty, they may automatically participate in lower difficulties.

  • Users may complete up to 2 neutral voyages once per week. Refreshing on Monday of the following week.

  • These may be completed alongside regular voyages.

Sign-up Template:
Completion Template:
Faction :
Beli :
Rank :
Race :
Experience :
Reputation :
Occupation :
Devil Fruit :
Skillset :
Strength :
Speed :
Constitution :
Willpower :
Spirit :
Stamina :
Weapons :
Clothing :
Tools :
Lurking Legend :
Mascot :

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