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Water 7 - Belly of the Beasts FDng53T
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Water 7 - Belly of the Beasts
Sat Nov 18, 2023 1:26 am


Name: Belly of the Beasts

Summary: Deep under the heart of Water 7, often hailed as the 'Capital of Water' due to its innovative architectural design, lies an enigmatic and perilous secret. This thriving city in Paradise is known for its intricate waterways and canals that serve as bustling transportation routes, each flanked by picturesque sidewalks where citizens stroll and marvel at the aquatic charm.

However, beneath the tranquil surface of Water 7's canals lies a mystery that has intrigued and terrified its residents for generations. Unknown deep-sea creatures, massive and enigmatic beings with cavernous stomachs, have long been the stuff of legends. These colossal creatures occasionally surface from the depths and swallow ships whole, leaving no survivors.

"The Belly of the Beast," as locals whisper in hushed tones, is a place under Water 7 that few have lived to tell about. Inside the monstrous stomach of these creatures, a nightmarish world awaits. The belly is a labyrinthine expanse filled with perilous challenges and bizarre ecosystems. It's rumored that valuable treasures lost to time and countless unfortunate souls are trapped within these stomachs.

For the Government, this presents an opportunity to explore hidden treasure, recover lost artifacts, and safeguard the city's shipping lanes from these sea monsters. Their objective is to study and tame the monsters, ensuring the safety of maritime trade routes in the region.

Conversely, for the Pirate factions, the monsters are a source of terror and fascination. They aim to delve into the belly of these beasts, confronting the treacherous environment to claim the hidden treasures and unleash chaos in Water 7. Their objective is to challenge the authority of the Government and establish dominance over the monstrous creatures.

As Government agents and Pirate crews descend into the abyss, they will face untold dangers, strange ecosystems, and the ever-present threat of the digestive systems.

Rank: D-S
Words: 500-2,500
Basic Reward: Base Voyage Rewards
Requirements: The character accepting the voyage must be in South Sea.

Voyage Conditions:

  • Each member of every team must meet the minimum requirements of the difficulty that has been selected i.e. a D-Rank can only complete D-Rank versions of the voyage unless they are with a partner or group allowing them to complete a C-Rank voyage.

  • Should the user meet the requirements of a certain difficulty, they may automatically participate in lower difficulties.

  • Users may complete up to 2 neutral voyages once per week. Refreshing on Monday of the following week.

  • These may be completed alongside regular voyages.

Sign-up Template:
Completion Template:
Faction :
Beli :
Rank :
Race :
Experience :
Reputation :
Occupation :
Devil Fruit :
Skillset :
Strength :
Speed :
Constitution :
Willpower :
Spirit :
Stamina :
Weapons :
Clothing :
Tools :
Lurking Legend :
Mascot :

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