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Drum Island - Dark Roots FDng53T
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Drum Island - Dark Roots
Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:04 pm


"Beneath the icy surface of Gyasta lies a forest of secrets waiting to be planted."

Voyage: Dark Roots

Rank: B

Type: Pirate

Client: Magda "Thorn" Blackwood - A notorious pirate known for her ruthless nature and twisted sense of humor.

Background: Gyasta, the picturesque lakeside town, is renowned for its serene waterfront and the art of ice skating. However, beneath the frozen lake's surface, a hidden forest of ancient trees, said to possess mysterious and potent properties, has long been forgotten. Magda "Thorn" Blackwood, a ruthless pirate with a dark sense of humor, has heard whispers of this forest and its potential power. She has hired your crew, not for noble purposes, but to aid her in uncovering the secrets of Gyasta's icy depths. What secrets do these ancient trees hold, and what sinister plans does Thorn Blackwood have in mind?

1. Guardian of the Frozen Woods - A mysterious guardian tasked with protecting the secrets of the ancient trees.
2. Thorn's Crew - A group of ruthless pirates loyal to Magda "Thorn" Blackwood.

Objective: Explore the frozen lake beneath Gyasta, locate the hidden forest of ancient trees, and confront the Guardian of the Frozen Woods. Discover the truth about the trees' properties and thwart Thorn Blackwood's dark plans.

  • Create a topic in Gyasta, the tranquil lakeside town.
  • Investigate the frozen lake and locate the hidden forest of ancient trees.
  • Interact with the mystical Guardian of the Frozen Woods.
  • Uncover the secrets of the ancient trees and their properties.
  • Confront Thorn Blackwood and her crew in a battle beneath the icy surface.
  • Decide the fate of the ancient trees and their power.
  • Receive the beli reward from Thorn Blackwood, but be wary of her twisted sense of humor.

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