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Drum Island - Rooftop Conundrum FDng53T
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Drum Island - Rooftop Conundrum
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:57 pm


"Amidst the icy expanse, a rooftop mystery awaits your crew's skilled hands."

Voyage: Rooftop Conundrum

Rank: C

Type: Pirate

Client: Baron Rimeclad - A shrewd and cunning aristocrat with a penchant for exploiting the town's residents.

Background: Baron Rimeclad, a wealthy and unscrupulous noble from Gyasta, has a history of mistreating the town's residents. He owns many of the lakeside properties, including the houses with picturesque rooftops that have become a source of trouble. Due to the heavy snowfall, these rooftops have become damaged, leading to leaks and causing distress among the residents. Baron Rimeclad, known for exploiting any opportunity, seeks to hire a crew to repair the rooftops, but his ulterior motives remain shrouded in mystery.

1. Rooftop Guardians - Local thugs hired by Baron Rimeclad to ensure the crew's compliance.
2. Baron Rimeclad's Agents - Mysterious individuals who seem to be watching the crew's every move.

Objective: Repair the damaged rooftops of Gyasta's lakeside houses to alleviate the residents' suffering. Beware of Baron Rimeclad's ulterior motives and his hired thugs.

  • Create a topic in Gyasta, the picturesque lakeside town.
  • Inspect the damaged rooftops and gather materials for repairs.
  • Repair the rooftops while evading or confronting the hired thugs.
  • Uncover Baron Rimeclad's true intentions and motives.
  • Complete the repairs and ensure the residents' relief.
  • Receive the agreed-upon beli reward from Baron Rimeclad.

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