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Drum Island - Cold Sighs FDng53T
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Drum Island - Cold Sighs
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:54 pm


"In the heart of the storm, secrets are whispered."

Voyage: Cold Sighs

Rank: C

Type: Pirate

Client: Captain Zephyrus Stormrider - A notorious pirate captain known for their obsession with predicting and harnessing the power of storms for their advantage.

Background: Captain Zephyrus Stormrider, a pirate of ill repute, has set their sights on Bighorn, a picturesque town known for its unique architectural landscape. Stormrider is obsessed with weather forecasting and believes that the distinctive conical roofs of Bighorn's houses might hold the key to predicting storms accurately. Their intent is to plunder the town and its knowledge for their own gain.

1. Captain Zephyrus Stormrider - A ruthless pirate captain with a penchant for predicting and manipulating storms.
2. Bighorn Townsfolk - The peaceful residents of Bighorn who will defend their town against the invading pirates.

Objective: Infiltrate Bighorn, locate Captain Stormrider, and put an end to their plans of plundering the town's knowledge about weather forecasting. Protect the town from piracy.

  • Create a topic in Bighorn, the charming town with cylindrical houses and conical roofs.
  • Infiltrate Bighorn discreetly to avoid alerting Captain Stormrider.
  • Locate and confront Captain Zephyrus Stormrider before they can carry out their plans.
  • Engage in a battle to protect the town against the invading pirates.
  • Ensure the safety of Bighorn and its knowledge of weather forecasting.
  • Receive the client's beli reward for safeguarding the town's secrets.

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