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Drum Island - The Frozen Conspiracy  FDng53T
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Drum Island - The Frozen Conspiracy
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:50 pm


"Whispers of ice and secrets untold."

Voyage: The Frozen Conspiracy

Requirement: Icy Malady (completed prior)

Rank: D

Type: Pirate

Client: Dr. Isabella Frostbite - A controversial medical scientist with an obsession for unlocking the secrets of the Frozen Lotus Elixir.

Background: Following the events of "The Icy Malady," your pirate crew has successfully gathered specimens of the Frozen Lotus Elixir for Dr. Isabella Frostbite. However, unsettling rumors have begun to circulate among the villagers. They claim that Dr. Frostbite's experiments with the elixir have led to strange happenings in the forest, including the awakening of powerful guardian spirits. Driven by concern for their forest's well-being, the villagers beg for your assistance once again.

1. Guardian Spirits - Now awakened and hostile due to Dr. Frostbite's experiments.
2. Dr. Isabella Frostbite - She has become increasingly obsessed with the elixir's power and is willing to go to great lengths to protect her research.

Objective: Return to Sakura Castle, investigate the forest disturbances caused by Dr. Frostbite's experiments, and confront the awakened Guardian Spirits to restore balance to the forest.

  • Create a topic in Sakura Castle, revisiting the majestic pink fortress.
  • Meet with Dr. Frostbite, who seems more determined and secretive than before.
  • Explore the forest and witness the disturbances caused by the awakened Guardian Spirits.
  • Confront the hostile Guardian Spirits to restore the forest's balance.
  • Uncover Dr. Frostbite's true intentions and confront her if necessary.
  • Resolve the situation and ensure the safety of the forest.
  • Receive the client's beli reward for your efforts in bringing closure to the Frozen Conspiracy.

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