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Alabasta - Festival of Illusions FDng53T
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Alabasta - Festival of Illusions
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:37 pm


"Beneath the glittering facade, darkness conspires."

Voyage: Festival of Illusions

Requirement: Shadows of Revelry (completed prior)

Rank: A

Type: Pirate

Client: Madame Celestine - The cunning event organizer with a penchant for orchestrating elaborate festivals that double as cover for criminal activities.

Background: Rainbase, the city of extravagance, continues to thrive as a hub of opulence and entertainment. After the success of the Grand Revelry Festival, Madame Celestine has returned with a new proposition. She reveals that a powerful underworld organization, known as the Obsidian Syndicate, is planning to take control of Rainbase's criminal operations during the upcoming Festival of Illusions. This event, famed for its mesmerizing performances and enchanting displays, is the perfect guise for the Syndicate's nefarious plans. Madame Celestine seeks your pirate crew's assistance in thwarting the Syndicate's takeover and maintaining her own grip on the city's criminal activities.

1. Lord Obsidian - The enigmatic and ruthless leader of the Obsidian Syndicate. He possesses formidable combat skills and a network of loyal operatives.
2. Syndicate Operatives - Skilled and cunning individuals who serve Lord Obsidian, ready to do whatever it takes to secure the Syndicate's control over Rainbase.

Objective: Collaborate with Madame Celestine to infiltrate the Syndicate's ranks and disrupt their plans during the Festival of Illusions. Uncover the Syndicate's hidden agenda and prevent them from taking over Rainbase's criminal underworld.

  • Return to Rainbase, where preparations for the Festival of Illusions are in full swing.
  • Meet with Madame Celestine, who reveals the threat posed by the Obsidian Syndicate.
  • Infiltrate the Syndicate's ranks by posing as performers or participants in the festival.
  • Gather intelligence on the Syndicate's plans and objectives during the festival.
  • Confront Lord Obsidian and the Syndicate operatives, thwarting their efforts to take control of Rainbase.
  • Ensure the Festival of Illusions proceeds without interference from the Syndicate, preserving Madame Celestine's influence.
  • Receive the client's substantial beli reward for safeguarding Rainbase's criminal activities.

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