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Alabasta - Shadows of the Market FDng53T
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Alabasta - Shadows of the Market
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:32 pm


"In the world of shadows, deals are struck, and fortunes are made."

Voyage: Shadows of the Market

Rank: D

Type: Pirate

Client: Baron Victor Maldrake - A cunning and unscrupulous baron known for his involvement in black market dealings and cutthroat business tactics.

Background: Rainbase, a thriving metropolis known for its opulent casinos and bustling streets, hides a darker side beneath its glittering facade. Baron Victor Maldrake, a shrewd businessman with a penchant for illegal enterprises, has approached your pirate crew with an offer. He seeks to expand his illicit operations by ensuring the local commerce regulations are bent to his favor. However, this would require the removal of any obstacles, including rival merchants and law enforcement officials.

1. Captain Ezreal Thorn - A rival pirate captain who controls a significant share of the black market in Rainbase. He is known for his ruthless tactics and cunning schemes.

Objective: Infiltrate Rainbase's underground market scene, eliminate Captain Ezreal Thorn and his crew, and ensure that Baron Victor Maldrake's black market operations can flourish without interference from commerce regulations.

  • Arrive in Rainbase, a city where underground deals and illegal commerce thrive.
  • Establish contact with Baron Victor Maldrake, who will provide you with the details of your mission.
  • Infiltrate the black market and gather information on Captain Ezreal Thorn's operations.
  • Confront Captain Ezreal Thorn and his crew, neutralizing their presence in Rainbase.
  • Ensure that Baron Victor Maldrake's black market ventures can proceed unhindered by commerce regulations.
  • Report your success to Baron Victor Maldrake, who will reward you generously with beli.

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