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Skypiea - The Heavenly Convergence FDng53T
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Skypiea - The Heavenly Convergence
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:05 pm


"In the realm where sky and sea meet, a destiny unfolds."

Voyage: The Heavenly Convergence

Rank: S

Type: Pirate

Requirement: The Rising Storm (completed prior)

Client: Captain Kaelin Dreadwind - A notorious pirate captain known for his ruthless tactics and lust for power.

Background: Having harnessed the power of the legendary storm near Heaven's Gate, Captain Kaelin Dreadwind's ambitions have grown even bolder. With the newfound power, he seeks to achieve the ultimate transformation and ascend to a higher plane of power. The storm's energy, combined with the Devil Fruit's supernatural forces from the prior voyage, presents an opportunity for him to achieve this godlike awakening.

1. Stormweaver Sylva - A celestial being residing near Heaven's Gate, she guards the secrets of the skies and is determined to prevent any misuse of their power.
2. Celestial Guardians - Sylva's loyal celestial guardians, possessing divine abilities.
3. Sky's Wrath - A manifestation of the storm's rage, a formidable and destructive entity.

Objective: Confront Stormweaver Sylva and gain her approval to harness the full potential of the Skypiea's military temporarily. Battle against the Celestial Guardians and face the Sky's Wrath to prove your worthiness.

  • Set sail for Heaven's Gate, carrying the power of the legendary storm.
  • Approach the majestic entry point with caution, prepared for celestial challenges.
  • Locate Stormweaver Sylva and request her audience.
  • Engage in a celestial trial to prove your intentions and determination.
  • Battle against the Celestial Guardians and overcome their divine abilities.
  • Confront the raging Sky's Wrath in a fierce showdown.
  • Seek Stormweaver Sylva's approval to harness the storm's energy.
  • Return to the client with your new information.
  • Receive the promised beli reward and decide on the crew's next course of action.

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