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Skypiea - The Rising Storm FDng53T
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Skypiea - The Rising Storm
Fri Nov 17, 2023 10:02 pm


"In the heart of Angel Island, a storm brews, and legends awaken."

Voyage: The Rising Storm

Rank: B

Type: Pirate

Requirement: Echoes of the Ancients (completed prior)

Client: Captain Harlock Stone - The fearless leader of the pirate crew on a quest to uncover the hidden treasure of Skypiea.

Background: Having deciphered the inscriptions and obtained the treasure map in Kumogakure, Captain Harlock Stone and the crew return to Angel Island to continue their treasure hunt. However, their presence has drawn the attention of the White Berets, Skypiea's elite law enforcement.

1. White Beret Commander Vivianna Skyblade - A formidable warrior and leader of the White Berets who is determined to prevent the pirates from reaching the treasure.
2. Skypiean Guards - The loyal guards of Angel Island who will protect their home at any cost.
3. The Cursed Guardians - Ancient, spectral beings that guard the entrance to the treasure's location and are awakened by the crew's presence.

Objective: Navigate the bustling streets and docks of Angel Island to reach the hidden entrance to the treasure's location. Face off against the White Berets and Skypiean Guards, and then confront the supernatural forces of the Cursed Guardians.

  • Return to Angel Island and discreetly make your way through Lovely Street.
  • Locate the hidden entrance to the treasure's location, guided by the decoded map.
  • Avoid or defeat the patrols of White Berets and Skypiean Guards.
  • Reach the ancient cavern where the treasure is said to be hidden.
  • Confront White Beret Commander Vivianna Skyblade in a high-stakes battle.
  • Overcome the spectral defenses of the Cursed Guardians.
  • Unearth the hidden treasure of Skypiea.
  • Prepare for a final confrontation with any remaining enemies.
  • Escape from Angel Island with the treasure.
  • Return to Captain Stone with the treasure, completing your mission.
  • Receive the promised beli reward and decide on the crew's next course of action.

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