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Skypiea - Echoes of the Ancients FDng53T
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Skypiea - Echoes of the Ancients
Fri Nov 17, 2023 9:59 pm


"In the heart of Kumogakure, ancient echoes awaken."

Voyage: Echoes of the Ancients

Rank: C

Type: Pirate

Requirement: The Whispering Winds (completed prior)

Client: First Mate Seraphina Stormrider - A skilled navigator and archaeologist with a fascination for the history of the Skypiea region.

Background: Following the events of The Whispering Winds, the pirate crew led by Captain Harlock Stone has acquired valuable clues about the hidden treasure. However, they lack the knowledge to decipher the ancient Shandia inscriptions. First Mate Seraphina Stormrider has been tasked with finding a way to unlock the secrets of the treasure and its ties to Shandia culture.

1. Shandia Historians - A group of scholarly Shandia individuals who guard the ancient archives and are wary of outsiders meddling with their history.
2. The Tempest Raiders - A notorious band of sky pirates who have caught wind of the treasure's existence and seek to claim it for themselves.

Objective: Return to Kumogakure and gain access to the ancient archives guarded by the Shandia Historians. Decode the inscriptions to reveal the true location of the hidden treasure. Beware of the rival sky pirates known as The Tempest Raiders.

  • Return to Kumogakure, using the knowledge acquired during The Whispering Winds to gain entry.
  • Locate the Shandia Historians and request their assistance in deciphering the inscriptions.
  • Convince or assist the Shandia Historians in a task of their own to earn their trust.
  • Work with them to decode the inscriptions, unveiling the treasure's location.
  • Prepare for a confrontation with The Tempest Raiders, who have tracked your crew's progress.
  • Engage in a high-flying battle with The Tempest Raiders' airship fleet.
  • Defend Kumogakure from The Tempest Raiders' attack.
  • Retrieve the decoded treasure map and make your escape from Kumogakure.
  • Return to Captain Stone and Seraphina Stormrider with the valuable information.
  • Receive the promised beli reward and decide on the crew's next course of action.

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