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Water 7 - Escape from Aqua Laguna FDng53T
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Water 7 - Escape from Aqua Laguna
Fri Nov 17, 2023 8:46 pm


"In the heart of chaos, the tides of opportunity flow."

Voyage: Escape from Aqua Laguna

Rank: A

Type: Pirate

Client: Captain Silas - Captain Silas is a ruthless pirate who sees Aqua Laguna as an opportunity rather than a disaster. He has devised a plan to use the chaos caused by Aqua Laguna to make a daring escape from Water 7, evading capture by the Marines and other pursuers.

Background: The Blue Station, a bustling hub of activity in Water 7, becomes even more frenetic when Aqua Laguna approaches. With many citizens boarding up their homes and leaving for other islands to avoid the disaster, it creates a chaotic atmosphere. Captain Silas, known for his cunning and ruthless nature, believes that this is the perfect time to make his escape from Water 7.

Enemies: Marine Pursuit Squad - The Marines have caught wind of Captain Silas's plan and have dispatched a special pursuit squad to capture him and his crew before they can escape. The squad is led by Captain Kaida, a determined and skilled Marine officer.

Objective: Your objective is to assist Captain Silas and his crew in making a successful escape from Water 7 during the chaos of Aqua Laguna. You must outmaneuver the pursuing Marine Pursuit Squad led by Captain Kaida and ensure the safe passage of Captain Silas and his crew.


  • Create a topic at The Blue Station, the primary halt for the Sea Train in Water 7, where the Escape from Aqua Laguna will begin.
  • Meet with Captain Silas and his crew to discuss the escape plan and the importance of seizing the opportunity during Aqua Laguna.
  • Prepare for the escape, including gathering necessary supplies and ensuring that your crew is ready for the operation.
  • Navigate through the chaos of Aqua Laguna, avoiding obstacles and pursuing Marines.
  • Outmaneuver the pursuing Marine Pursuit Squad and create diversions to cover Captain Silas's escape.
  • Ensure the safe passage of Captain Silas and his crew to their waiting ship.
  • Evade any further pursuit or capture by the Marines.
  • Return to Captain Silas and deliver the news of the successful escape.
  • Receive your reward for successfully executing the daring Escape from Aqua Laguna.

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