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Water 7 - Calamity Preparedness FDng53T
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Water 7 - Calamity Preparedness
Fri Nov 17, 2023 8:29 pm


"In the face of impending disaster, the true test of a pirate's mettle emerges."

Voyage: Calamity Preparedness

Rank: B

Type: Pirate

Client: Captain Calamity - Captain Calamity is a ruthless and calculating pirate captain known for his cunning nature. He's not one to shy away from exploiting chaos and disasters for his own gain. He sees calamities as opportunities.

Background: Water 7, despite its shipbuilding prowess, occasionally faces natural disasters such as typhoons, tsunamis, and storms. Captain Calamity believes that these disasters can be used as cover for his crew's nefarious activities, and he wants to ensure that his pirate crew is well-prepared to capitalize on any calamity that strikes Water 7. To do this, he needs a crew that can handle disaster scenarios with efficiency.

Enemies: Disaster Pirates - A rival pirate crew known as the Disaster Pirates is also active in Water 7. They are notorious for causing chaos during natural disasters, and they often plunder and loot during the confusion.

Objective: Your objective is to prepare Captain Calamity's pirate crew to efficiently handle and exploit natural disasters in Water 7 for their benefit. This involves training the crew to respond swiftly to calamities and seize opportunities during the chaos.


  • Create a topic in Dock 1, the renowned shipbuilding area of Water 7, where the Calamity Preparedness Challenge will take place.
  • Meet with Captain Calamity to discuss his plans and the importance of disaster preparedness.
  • Train the crew in various disaster scenarios, such as typhoons, tsunamis, and storms, to ensure they can react swiftly and efficiently.
  • Coordinate with the crew to develop strategies for exploiting chaos and securing valuable resources during disasters.
  • Simulate disaster scenarios and assess the crew's performance in responding to them.
  • Deal with interference from the rival Disaster Pirates, who may try to disrupt your preparations.
  • Conduct a final test to evaluate the crew's readiness to handle calamities and seize opportunities.
  • Report to Captain Calamity on the crew's preparedness and receive your reward for ensuring they are ready to exploit disasters effectively.

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