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Water 7 - Bull Beauty Showdown FDng53T
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Water 7 - Bull Beauty Showdown
Fri Nov 17, 2023 8:28 pm


"In the land of bulls, beauty reigns supreme."

Voyage: Bull Beauty Showdown

Rank: B

Type: Pirate

Client: Madam Marbella - Madam Marbella is a flamboyant and enigmatic pirate with a penchant for the exotic. She has a reputation for hosting extravagant parties and events on her ship, and she's known to have a keen eye for unique and beautiful things.

Background: Madam Marbella has set her sights on the renowned Bull Beauty Contest, an annual event held in Water 7 where the most magnificent and aesthetically pleasing bulls are showcased and judged. These prized bulls are highly sought after for their stunning appearance and are often sold for exorbitant prices. Madam Marbella has a plan to win the contest and acquire the most beautiful bull as a symbol of her status and wealth.

Enemies: Rival Pirates - Several rival pirate crews in Water 7 also have their eyes on the Bull Beauty Contest. They see it as an opportunity to make a statement and enhance their reputations. These pirates are determined to win the contest themselves and will go to great lengths to ensure they have the most beautiful bull.

Objective: Your objective is to help Madam Marbella win the Bull Beauty Contest in Water 7. This will involve acquiring, grooming, and showcasing the most stunning bull in the competition.


  • Create a topic in Dock 1, the renowned shipbuilding area of Water 7, where the Bull Beauty Contest is held.
  • Meet with Madam Marbella to discuss her plans and her desire to win the contest.
  • Locate and acquire a bull that has the potential to win the competition based on its appearance.
  • Groom and prepare the bull for the contest, ensuring it looks its best.
  • Navigate the fierce competition from rival pirate crews who are also vying for the title.
  • Present the bull during the Bull Beauty Contest and impress the judges with its beauty.
  • Deal with any attempts by rival pirates to sabotage your efforts.
  • Celebrate Madam Marbella's victory and bask in the glory of your success.
  • Receive a generous reward from Madam Marbella for your role in securing the most beautiful bull in Water 7.

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