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Water 7 - Bay of Betrayals FDng53T
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Water 7 - Bay of Betrayals
Fri Nov 17, 2023 8:25 pm


"In the depths of secrecy, a pirate's shadow we become."

Voyage: Bay of Betrayals

Rank: C

Type: Pirate

Client: The Elusive Plotter - A mysterious figure known only by reputation, the Elusive Plotter has a history of orchestrating complex schemes to manipulate the balance of power among pirate crews. Their true identity remains a well-guarded secret.

Background: The Elusive Plotter has a vendetta against a notorious pirate crew called the Black Serpents, known for their ruthless ways and their iron grip on the Waterway Maze. They have recruited you to assist in their elaborate plan to undermine the Black Serpents' dominance.

Enemies: The Black Serpents - A formidable pirate crew led by the cunning Captain Viper. They control the Waterway Maze with an iron fist and have a network of spies and enforcers throughout Water 7. They must be outsmarted and weakened for the plan to succeed.

Objective: Your objective is to assist the Elusive Plotter in executing a multifaceted operation aimed at weakening the Black Serpents. The operation involves infiltrating their ranks, sowing discord, and ultimately orchestrating their downfall.


  • Create a topic in the Waterway Maze, the network of canals and pathways in Water 7.
  • Receive detailed instructions from the Elusive Plotter, who will provide you with a carefully crafted plan to undermine the Black Serpents.
  • Infiltrate the Black Serpents' territory, posing as a potential recruit or informant, while maintaining your true allegiance a secret.
  • Gather critical information about the Black Serpents' operations, weaknesses, and hidden agendas without arousing suspicion.
  • Engage in covert actions to manipulate the Black Serpents from within, causing internal strife and mistrust.
  • Confront and outwit Captain Viper and the Black Serpents in a series of carefully orchestrated confrontations, pushing them to the brink of chaos.
  • Report back to the Elusive Plotter with valuable intelligence and updates on your progress.
  • Collaborate with the Elusive Plotter to devise the final phase of the plan, which may involve a surprise attack on the Black Serpents' base.
  • Receive your beli reward from the Elusive Plotter, who remains hidden in the shadows.
  • Reflect on the intricate web of deceit and betrayal you've woven as you complete the voyage, knowing that the balance of power in the Waterway Maze has shifted.

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