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Sabaody Archipelago - Salvage of the Lost Bounty FDng53T
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"In the depths of the unknown, forgotten treasures await their reclamation."

Voyage: The Salvage of the Lost Bounty

Rank: A

Type: Pirate

Client: Captain Bartholomew "Barnacle" Crow - An infamous pirate captain known for his cunning and ruthless nature. Captain Crow has a reputation for hunting down hidden treasures.

Background: Captain Crow has obtained a cryptic map that leads to the wreckage of a legendary pirate ship, the "Crimson Sea Serpent." It is said to have carried a massive bounty of untold riches before it was lost in the treacherous waters of 2-29. He seeks a daring crew to help him salvage the ship's remains.

Enemies: Rival Pirates - Other pirate crews who have also learned of the treasure and are determined to claim it for themselves.

Objective: Dive into the lawless waters of 2-29, locate the wreckage of the "Crimson Sea Serpent," and salvage any valuable treasure and artifacts that remain.


  • Create a topic outside the perilous waters of 2-29, where the wreckage of the legendary ship is believed to lie.
  • Utilize the cryptic map to navigate to the approximate location of the shipwreck.
  • Dive into the dangerous depths, facing challenges like strong currents and hostile sea creatures.
  • Locate the remains of the "Crimson Sea Serpent" and retrieve any valuable treasures and artifacts.
  • Beware of rival pirate crews who are also searching for the same bounty.
  • Return to Captain Crow with the salvaged treasures, who will generously reward the successful crew.
  • Receive your beli reward at the end of the successful salvage operation.
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