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Sabaody Archipelago - Quest for the Vanishing Recipe FDng53T
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"In the depths of the unknown, a culinary treasure awaits discovery."

Voyage: Quest for the Vanishing Recipe

Rank: B

Type: Pirate

Client: Captain Mordecai Flint - A notorious pirate captain with a penchant for gourmet cuisine. Captain Flint is known for his extravagant tastes and ruthless reputation on the high seas.

Background: Captain Flint has heard rumors of a legendary and long-lost recipe that can create a dish of unparalleled taste. The recipe is said to be hidden somewhere in the lawless mangrove area of 2-29, and he's determined to be the one to find it.

Enemies: Bounty Hunters - Competing treasure seekers who want to claim the recipe for themselves.

Objective: Infiltrate the treacherous mangrove area of 2-29, locate the hidden recipe, and secure it before rival bounty hunters can get their hands on it.


  • Create a topic in the lawless mangrove area of 2-29, where rumors of the lost recipe have drawn treasure hunters.
  • Gather information from locals and other pirates about the possible whereabouts of the recipe.
  • Navigate the dangerous terrain, facing natural obstacles and hostile creatures.
  • Confront rival bounty hunters who are also in search of the recipe, ensuring they don't succeed.
  • Discover the hidden location of the recipe and secure it safely.
  • Return to Captain Flint with the precious recipe, who will reward you generously.
  • Receive your beli reward at the end of the successful mission.
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