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Sabaody Archipelago - Rescue of the Caged Beasts FDng53T
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"In the heart of darkness, a flicker of hope for the creatures of the wild."

Voyage: Rescue of the Caged Beasts

Rank: B

Type: Pirate

Client: Baron Grimsley - A cruel and wealthy aristocrat who profits from illegal animal trafficking. Baron Grimsley has a sadistic fascination with exotic creatures.

Background: Baron Grimsley is known for capturing and selling exotic and endangered animals from around the world. He has recently acquired a collection of rare beasts and plans to showcase them in the sinister depths of Sabaody Park.

Enemies: Animal Handlers - Cruel individuals hired by Baron Grimsley to guard and mistreat the captive animals.

Objective: Infiltrate Sabaody Park, rescue the captive exotic animals, and ensure their safe return to their natural habitats.

  • Create a topic in the sinister depths of Sabaody Park, where the captive beasts are held.
  • Gather information on the animals' locations and conditions from sympathetic informants.
  • Plan a rescue operation, including the neutralization of the animal handlers.
  • Infiltrate the animal cages, free the creatures, and ensure their safety during the escape.
  • Evade park security and make sure the animals are safely transported to their natural habitats.
  • Report the successful rescue to Baron Grimsley, who will reward you based on the mission's completion.
  • Receive your beli reward at the end of the successful operation.

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