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Sabaody Archipelago - Shadowed Auctioneer FDng53T
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"In the midst of chaos, an orchestrator of order emerges."

Voyage: Shadowed Auctioneer

Rank: C

Type: Pirate

Client: Silas Cogwheel - A cunning and ruthless pirate known for his organizational skills and cold-hearted nature. Silas is infamous for his involvement in the illicit slave trade.

Background: Silas Cogwheel aims to tighten his grip on the slave trade in the Auctioning District. He intends to organize a secret auction for high-profile slaves and expand his influence.

Enemies: N/A (The mission involves organizing the auction, not specific enemies.)

Objective: Establish a secret auction for high-profile slaves in the Auctioning District, ensuring secrecy and security throughout the event.

  • Create a topic in the Auctioning District, amidst the grim backdrop of the slave trade.
  • Recruit participants and sellers discreetly for the secret auction.
  • Set up a secure and hidden venue for the auction.
  • Ensure the secrecy and safety of the event, preventing any unwanted interference.
  • Conduct the auction smoothly, handling bids and sales efficiently.
  • Collect the proceeds from the auction and deliver them to Silas Cogwheel.
  • Receive your beli reward at the end of the successful secret auction.

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Beli :
Rank :
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Reputation :
Occupation :
Devil Fruit :
Skillset :
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Speed :
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Spirit :
Stamina :
Weapons :
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