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Loguetown FDng53T
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    Execution Plaza
    The execution plaza, standing as a grim monument, houses the iconic Execution Platform. This scaffolded tower, standing tall amidst the town's vibrancy, holds the weight of history – it's where the legendary Gol D. Roger met his fate. The plaza, with its somber but joyful atmosphere, serves as a reminder of the challenges and price of piracy.

    Marine Base
    The Marine Base in Loguetown is more than just a military establishment; it's a watchful guardian. Positioned to monitor budding pirates, it stands ready to uphold law and order. The base's presence is a constant reminder of the tussle between the world government and free-spirited pirates.

    Town Market
    Loguetown's Market, a bustling hive of activity, caters to the varied needs of pirates about to embark on their Grand Line journey. From fresh produce to essential supplies, it offers everything a sailor might need. The cacophony of haggling and the aroma of spices make it a sensory delight.

    The Port, a vital part of Loguetown, is often filled with ships of varying sizes and designs. Serving as a safezone for pirates, it's a place of respite before the challenges of the Grand Line. Stories of adventures and aspirations can be overheard as crews prepare for their next voyage.

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