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Skypiea FDng53T
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    Heaven's Gate
    Heaven's Gate, the majestic entry point to Skypiea, sits gracefully in the White Sea. Serving as a sentinel, it welcomes travelers and adventurers seeking the mysteries of the sky. The gate, with its intricate design, is a testament to Skypiean architectural prowess.

    Angel Island
    Angel Island, the heart of Skypiea, is a vast residential district crafted from Island Clouds. Bisected by the renowned Lovely Street, it's a harmonious blend of homes, shops, and docks, all under the watchful eyes of the White Berets. The island's vibrancy and charm make it a hub of activity and commerce.

    Upper Yard
    Upper Yard, a significant part of Skypiea's geography now, has a deep-rooted history. Once a part of Jaya, it was propelled upwards by the mighty Knock Up Stream. Its vast expanse of Vearth makes it invaluable, often revered as the 'holy land' by sky dwellers.

    Kumogakure, a hidden gem within Skypiea, was established by the Shandia post their expulsion from Upper Yard. Nestled within a pocket of island cloud, the village exudes a rustic charm with its Native American-inspired tipi homes and towering totem poles. It stands as a symbol of resilience and cultural preservation.

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