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Water 7 FDng53T
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Water 7

    Galley-La Headquarters
    Galley-La Headquarters, the nerve center of the renowned Galley-La Company, stands as a beacon for shipwrights across Water 7. Whether it's to restock supplies, maintain ship records and blueprints, or simply take a breather, this is the place to be. The headquarters, with its bustling activity, showcases the city's dedication to shipbuilding.

    Blue Station
    The Blue Station is not just a stop; it's a hub of activity in Water 7. As the primary halt for the Sea Train, it witnesses a sea of faces, especially when Aqua Laguna approaches. With many citizens boarding up their homes and leaving for other islands, the station becomes a tapestry of emotions.

    Dock 1
    Dock 1, renowned as the primary shipbuilding area, is a testament to Water 7's shipwright expertise. Ships of all sizes and designs take shape here, under the watchful eyes of skilled craftsmen. The dock, with its clatter and clang, breathes life into wooden marvels that sail the seas.

    Waterway Maze
    Finally, the Waterway Maze, a network of canals and pathways, adds a touch of mystery to Water 7. Navigating through it requires local knowledge, making it a challenge for newcomers. Yet, those who master its turns and tides discover the city's hidden gems and secrets.

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