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Goa Kingdom FDng53T
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Goa Kingdom

    Fusha Village
    The Fusha Village, lying on the outskirts, is a tranquil hamlet untouched by the kingdom's hustle and bustle. Its inhabitants lead simple lives, intertwined with nature. The village, with its thatched roofs and open meadows, offers a glimpse into the peaceful side of Goa.

    Gray Terminal
    The Gray Terminal, shrouded in mystery and despair, is a landfill adjacent to Goa's capital. It's home to outcasts and the downtrodden, with makeshift shanties dotting the landscape. The terminal, with its stories of survival and hope, is a stark contrast to the kingdom's opulence.

    Mt. Colubo
    Mt. Colubo, positioned just behind the serene Foosha Village, dominates the landscape with its imposing presence. Its slopes, blanketed by dense forests, offer a habitat for diverse wildlife. Though it's termed a mountain, its elevation resembles a low-hanging hill, merging seamlessly with the surroundings. The thick foliage and the sounds of nature make it a tranquil retreat from the village's hustle and bustle.

    Capital City
    Capital City stands as the crown jewel of the Goa Kingdom, a bustling center of power and prestige. This urban hub is where the kingdom's nobles and elitists congregate, enjoying privileges and luxuries. With grand architecture and meticulously planned streets, the city exudes opulence at every corner. It's not just a place of residence; it's a symbol of the societal hierarchy and the seat of the kingdom's governance.

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