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Alabasta FDng53T
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    Alubarna, the illustrious capital city of Alabasta, stands as a veritable epicenter of culture and heritage. This sprawling metropolis, perched atop a colossal rock formation, boasts grand staircases meticulously carved and paved, providing a regal entrance to its magnificence. With its circular layout, Alubarna presents a harmonious urban design, crowned by the imposing presence of both a stately clock tower and the regal Alabasta Royal Palace.

    Yuba, a petite oasis settlement, is a relatively young town, with a distinct and earthy architectural style that mirrors the surrounding desert landscape. However, this once-promising town was swiftly abandoned after enduring a relentless barrage of sandstorms, rendering it a desolate ghost town. Initially conceived as a vital crossroads connecting the western towns and villages of Arabasta.

    Sandora Desert
    The Sandora Desert bears the weight of antiquity, its sprawling expanse characterized by towering sand dunes that can reach staggering heights of up to 300 meters. Across its vast, barren terrain, occasional craggy outcrops offer scant respite from the relentless blaze of the sun overhead. This unforgiving landscape is further defined by its extreme temperature fluctuations, with searing daytime heat giving way to bone-chilling cold during the desert's frigid nights.

    Rainbase emerges as a thriving metropolis, steeped in opulence and extravagance, where the glittering lights of casinos and the aroma of fine dining establishments pervade the bustling streets. This cityscape boasts an array of renowned venues, including the illustrious Golden Slots, the playful Loose Slots, the regal Royale, the enchanting Fantasia, and the daring Coin Banditts, among a host of other captivating options.

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