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Other Isles

    Reverse Mountain
    This remarkable location stands out due to its exceptional geographical phenomenon: rivers originating in the Blues ascend the mountain, converge at its summit, and subsequently descend into the Grand Line. This peculiarity is attributed to the mountain's classification as a "Winter Island" in the terminology of the Grand Line, where it exhibits significantly lower temperatures compared to the neighboring Blues but maintains a warmer climate within the Grand Line's boundaries.

    Momoiro Island
    Nestled within the Paradise seascape, Momoiro Island stands as a captivating landmass, positioned in proximity to the Lulusia Kingdom. This vibrant isle is a haven for nature enthusiasts, adorned with a symphony of pink-hued fauna and flora that adorn its lush landscapes, creating a picturesque and enchanting environment that beckons explorers and visitors alike.

    Karakuri Island
    Karakuri Island, nestled within the Paradise region, exudes an air of technological marvels. This wintry haven has cultivated a unique expertise in cutting-edge advancements, boasting a mastery of sophisticated technologies ranging from the creation of remarkable cyborgs to the construction of intricate mechanical marvels.

    Sea Train
    A paddle steamer locomotive glides gracefully across the ocean's expanse, connecting the bustling hub of Water 7 with a constellation of neighboring islands. This maritime vessel, propelled by its distinctive paddle wheels, serves as a vital lifeline, ferrying passengers and cargo between these various coastal destinations, fostering essential connections in the maritime realm.

    Tequila Wolf
    Tequila Wolf, situated within the East Blue, deviates from the conventional island geography as it serves as the site for an immense bridge construction project rather than a traditional landmass. This colossal endeavor redefines the country's identity, transforming it into a monumental engineering feat within the vast expanse of the East Blue.

    Conomi Fishmen
    The Conomi Islands encompass a sprawling archipelago teeming with a diverse array of at least twenty distinct communities. This picturesque cluster of islands is primarily characterized by its agricultural bounty, featuring numerous expansive plantations cultivating crops like rice and oranges. Against the backdrop of these lush, cultivated landscapes, the Conomi Islands represent a harmonious blend of vibrant communities and fertile lands.

    Shimotsuki Village
    Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of East Blue, the village exudes the quintessential charm of a rural settlement, surrounded by rolling hills, lush greenery, and towering mountains that cradle it in natural beauty. The village's fertile lands are adorned with extensive rice fields, an essential component of its agricultural heritage. Embracing a rich cultural tapestry, the village's customs and traditions harken back to the feudal era of Japan, drawing striking parallels with the storied traditions of the distant Wano Country, creating a captivating fusion of history and natural splendor.

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