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Fishman Island

    Sea Forest
    Hidden beneath the ocean's surface, the Sea Forest is an ethereal realm teeming with life and mystery. Enveloped in vibrant coral formations, its otherworldly beauty is enhanced by the radiant glow of the Sunlight Tree Eve. Within this aquatic wonderland, a diverse array of sea creatures, from playful schools of fish to majestic pods of whales, call it home. The Sea Forest also holds the secrets of the deep, with sunken shipwrecks resting on its sandy floor, pulled in by relentless ocean currents.

    Fishman District
    Fishman Island 35-40
    Once an institution for orphaned children within the Ryugu Kingdom, the Fish-Man District has transformed over time into a lawless and formidable part of Fish-Man Island. This unforgiving territory has become a refuge for the island's outcasts, where survival is the name of the game. Amidst the chaos and challenges, those who call the Fishman District home must navigate a world where alliances shift like the tides and strength is the ultimate currency.

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    Mermaid Cove
    Nestled beneath the waves of Fish-Man Island, Mermaid Cove is a hidden sanctuary where mermaids from all corners of the Grand Line come together to socialize and call home. This coral mansion on the ocean floor serves as their enchanting abode, a place of camaraderie and connection. It's not just a dwelling, but a vibrant community where the denizens of the sea can share stories, dreams, and tales of their adventures.

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